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1.       all night / day long 整夜/

all the year round = all through the year  整年

all in all             总的说来,一切的一切

in all                 总共 altogether总共,一起

all together        一起,总共

in total              总共

not…at all         根本不,一点也不            at all     究竟;竟然

after all             毕竟,终究

above all           首先,首要

first of all         第一

all of a sudden = all at once 突然

all one’s life/lives 某人的一生

all over             全部结束,到处,浑身

all over the world 遍及全世界

all ready           一切就绪 already已经

go all out to do sth. 全力以赴做某事

All the best! 祝你一切安好!

all the more        更加

all right             行!(健康状况)良好,没关系,不用谢

2.       honor…as    

regard…as…     /认作

look upon...as… 看作

treat…as…        当作对待

keep…as…        使

have…as…        使

think of…as…  看作think…to be…

consider…as/to be看作

refer to…as…  认作

use…as…              使用

act as…                充当,担当

work as…              (职业名词)

serve as…        使用

be famous/ known as…       作为而闻名

as a young man 年轻的时候= when he is a young man

child as he is            虽然他只是个孩子=Though he is a child

such as…                     例如,象这种的

the same as…        一样

such/ the same +n. as + 从句         那样的…/一样的(引导定从)

so/ as far as                     一样远,远及,就而言

as many/ much as  一样多,多达

as soon as                     一样快,一

as good as              一样好,几乎

as well as                     一样好,也,又

as long as                     一样长,只要

as often as              一样经常,每次/

just as +从句           正象/,就因

as for…                至于,就方面说

as if/ though           好象,仿佛

as to…                  至于,关于

as…as possible= as…as one can ...所能

as a result (of)…  (由于) 结果

as usual         象往常一样

as a matter of fact= in (actual) fact = actually事实上

may as well do sth. 不妨, 还是的好

3.       at the sight of  一看见

at first sight   第一眼就

    catch sight of  瞥见

at the news  一听到消息

at the sound of 一听到响声

at the thought of 一想到

at the mention of 一提到

4.       break away from… 脱离(组织),放弃(习惯),打破(陈套)

…break out        爆发,突然发生

break into the house  破门而入

break… into pieces 打成碎片

…break in        强行进入 (c.f. break into the house),插嘴

break through… 突围/

break down (机器)坏掉,(身体)垮掉,(计划/谈判)失败,分解

break up           打碎,分解(物理变化),(.学期)结束, 分手~with sb.

break off    中断,折断

5.       bring about…=cause, lead to        带来,造成,引起

bring down (the price)       降价/温等

bring…in          引进,挣来

bring…up         养育=raise,呕吐

bring out…        生产,出版,显示 (c.f. …come out)

bring sth. to an end      结束某事

bring forward=put forward …提出 (c.f. sb. come up with…)

6.       call for             需要,提倡,邀约,为叫喊

call in (a doctor) /请来(医生等)

call at spl.         拜访某地 c.f. drop in on sb /at sp.

call on/ upon        拜访(),号召,约请

call back           回电话,叫回,收回()

call sb./sth.         /

call …after…     以某人的名字为命名

call up          打电话= ring up;  回忆、回想

call off          取消

so-called        所谓的

7.       care for…        关心,照顾,喜欢

care for/ about/ care 介意,计较

care about…        关心

take care          小心,留神

take care of…  照顾

leave…in sb.’s care…交由某人照顾

8.       carry… away /冲走,冲昏的头脑

carry on doing sth. 继续开展/进行

carry on with sth. 继续进行/

carry .. out        执行,开展,进行到底

carry off    //叼走

9.       catch fire         着火

catch sb. doing sth. 当场抓住某人正在做某事

catch sight of…  看见  (c.f. lose sight of)

catch hold of…        抓住(c.f. lose hold of )

catch up with… 赶上  (c.f. keep up with 跟得上,不掉队)

10.   …come about       发生

come across…=run cross=happen to meet(偶然)遇见/发现

come along        一起来,进步

come at…        袭击,达到,得到

come back        回来,(健康)恢复

come back to earth 回到现实

come by…        从旁边经过,得到

come down        倒塌,败落

come down with… 病倒

come from…     来自,出生于

come into being/existence   形成,产生,出现

come into effect 开始生效

come into force 开始有效/实行

come into power/office       执政,掌权

come into the world  出生

come into use   开始被使用

come out               开花,被出版(c.f. put /bring out the book),结果是 well/first

come to            共计…(数字),达成,复苏,苏醒(come to oneself)

come to life = come to oneself     苏醒

come to one’s rescue 来援救某人

come to a full stop 完全停止

come to an agreement达成协议

come to decision 做出决定

come to an understanding      取得谅解

come to a conclusion 得出结论

come to an end   =come to a stop 结束,停止

…come true         实现

come up           走近,发芽,发生, 提出~with a new idea=put/bring forward

come to light        暴露

come to+心理动词     “终于/渐渐(come to know=get to know)

11.   cut across        抄近路穿过

cut down…              砍倒,削减,损害健康

cut in                    插嘴 = break in

cut off…               切断(供应),使隔绝)

cut away/ off/ out   //砍掉

cut …short              打断,缩减,截短

cut…up                 切碎,对吹毛求疵

cut… into pieces     切成碎片

cut…open              割开

12.   change one’s mind 改变主意



change RMB into/for dollars 把人民币兑换成美圆

change with the seasons 随着季节而变化

make a change 修改,改变

have some/no small change on/about/with sb.身上()有零钱

keep the change 不用找()

great changes have taken place 发生巨大变化

13.   do one’s best  尽力

(what) to do with   对付,处置/ (c.f. how to deal with)

(can/ could) do with…将就,能对付,

do without… 没有也行 (c.f. go without 不吃()勉强过去

do away with…       废除,弄死,去掉  slavery 废除奴隶制

do up                   修缮,梳理,包扎,扣(好)

do well in…              擅长,在做得好

do wrong                     做错,作恶,犯罪

do sb. wrong = do wrong to sb    .冤枉

do sb. harm = do harm to sb.      危害

have(something/nothing…) to do with…       /无关

do  telephone interviews  进行电话采访

14.   stand for        代表/象征… (c.f. on behalf of..代表某人(做某事)

praise/ scold/ blame/ criticize/ thank sb./ apologize/ punish/ give sb. sth./ be sorry/ be thankful for (doing) sth


answer for…       负责/受到惩罚

as for…           至于,关于

be anxious for… 着急,急于得到

be eager for…       渴望/急于得到

hope/ wish for… 希望得到

long for…        盼望得到

be famous/ known for…而闻名

be fit/ suitable for…适合于

be for…           支持,赞成

be late for…        迟到

be in time for..     及时赶来

mistake A for B A误认为B

be too much for sb. 对于来说太过分

but for             要不是因为有

wait for…        等候

15.   get hold of…  抓住

get rid of…        摆脱,除去,戒除

get on              上车,相处,进展

get on with…     继续做

get along          相处,进展,生活

get on/ along (well) with… 相处融洽,进展顺利

get around= spread 传开

get through        通过(考试/海关),(电话)接通,完成,穿过

get through with… 完成

get across         (使)越过,通过,被理解

get ahead of…  /超过

get away          逃脱,离开,把送走

get away from… 逃离

get down to one’s work静心工作

get in               进入,收获/割,插/陷入

get in touch with…取得联系

get into…         进入,陷入

get into debt        负债

get into trouble/ difficulty  陷入困境

get (sb.) into the habit of…  养成习惯

get (sb.)out of the habit of     改掉习惯

get over            克服,熬过,恢复

get / be ready       准备好

get sick            生病

get / be tired of…  厌烦

get / be tired from…

get to…            到达

get down to business   言归正传

get to sleep        睡着

get together        聚会,收集

get up              起床

get well            康复

get sb to do sth.=have sb. do sth. 让某人做某事

get sb. doing 干起来

16.   give sth. away 送掉,捐赠,分发(奖品等),放弃(机会等)

give sb. away 出卖(某人),泄露(某人的秘密)

give sth. back 归还

give off…         发出(蒸汽,光等)

give out            发出(气味,热等),分发

(sth./ sb.) give out 用完,耗尽,筋疲力尽

give oneself over to (doing) sth. 使沉湎于,使纵情于

give in (to…) (向)屈服/让步,上交,宣布

give up (doing) sth.         放弃,戒除

give sth. up to sb. 让给

17.   go about           从事;走动,(消息)流传= go/get (a)round

go after…         追逐,追求

go against…        违反,反对;不利于

go ahead           前进;干吧

go all out          全力以赴,鼓足干劲

go along           前进,进行;赞同

go back to…        追溯到

go back on one’s word食言

go by               走过,过去;按照判断;顺便走访

go down           下沉/降;病倒

go down on one’s knees 跪下

go in for…        从事于;酷爱;赞成

go off            爆炸, 停电

go on              继续;发生,进行;

go on doing sth. = go on with sth. 继续做某事(原来做的事)

go on to do sth. 接着做(另一件事)

go on a visit to … 访问

go on a trip to spl. 旅行 

…go out/ off    (灯火等)熄灭

go over            (车)翻倒;仔细检查,复习

go round          绕道走;顺便去;(消息等)流传

go through… 经历(艰难);通过(考试等);仔细检查;用光

go through with sth. 做完,完成

go too far         /说得太过火

go up                      上升,增长

go with…         伴随,与相配

go without…     在缺少的情况下勉强对付过去,没有也行go without(food)不吃

…go wrong        走入歧途;出毛病

go hungry 挨饿

go bad/mad/wrong变得

go hand in hand with…起头并进

18.   have a good time= have great fun=enjoy oneself 过得很愉快

have a hard/ difficult time        日子艰难

have a good/poor knowledge of…知识渊博/贫乏

have sth./ sb. with sb. 带在某人身边

have … on        穿着,有事在手头

have / get sth. back 要回某物

have sb. do sth. 要某人做某事

have sb. doing sth. 一直做,听任

have sth. done 使某事被(自己/他人)做,表示遭受某种损失

19.   help oneself to sth. 自用食物,自取

help sb. down       扶某人下来/

help sb. into…      扶某人进

help sb. out        扶某人出来/去,帮助某人克服困难/解决难题

help sb. out with sb. 支助某人

help sb. out of spl. / difficulty 扶某人从出来/去,帮助某人度过难关

It can’t be helped = There is no help for it..(道歉答语)实在没法

help sb. with sth.   帮助某人

with the help of sb. 的帮助下

help (to) do sth. 帮助做某事

cannot help but do sth. 只好做某事

can’t help doing sth. 忍不住做

help sb. (to) do sth. 帮助某人做

20.   in praise of        表扬,称赞

in honor of        表示敬意,纪念

in memory of      纪念,怀念

in favour of       赞成, 偏袒

in support of       支持

in charge of       管理,掌管

in search of       寻找

in place of        取代

   in (great) need of   (非常)需要

in reply to 作为对。。。得答复

in view of      考虑到, 鉴于,由于

 in return for…作为对。。的回报

 in preparation for   为了准备           

21. keep sth. done       使被做

keep the room clean        保持房间清洁

keep pets/ one’s family 养宠物/

keep a book        借书

keep… away 使离开

keep…off         不让接近    keep off the grass/rain;

keep back one’s tears 忍住眼泪;  keep back the money扣下;

keep… sth. from sb. 隐瞒

keep… from doing sth.       防止某人做某事 c.f. keep sb. doing sth.      使一直做某事保持

keep in touch with… 保持联系

keep.. in           关在里面,抑制,隐瞒

keep…out         挡在外面 keep out the dog/cold;

keep doing sth…

keep on doing sth.继续做

keep oneself to oneself 不与人来往

keep sth. to oneself 保守秘密

keep…up (+ n.) 使保持不下降,~the spirit(friendship/courage); c.f. keep on doing

keep up with sb.    跟上

keep sth. in mind 记住

keep (hold) the world record 保持世界记录

(c.f. break/beat/set(up)/equal the world record //平世界记录)

keep an eye on  监视/留神

keep silent over/about the matter 保持沉默

22.   leave sb. doing sth. 留下继续做

leave sb. to do sth. 留下去做

leave sth. done              使被做

leave sth. in spl.  遗忘在某处

leave (…) for… 离开()前往

leave the door open 让门开着

leave… about       乱放/

leave… alone 不管/理会/惹动

leave… behind      留下,忘带; 遗留在原处

leave (…) off    (使)停止

leave… out        /略去,遗漏

leave… over         /剩下

leave sth. with sb. 委托/交给

 leave sb. sth.= leave sth. to sb.      遗留给

leave sb. to himself 听任某人自行其事

leave it as it is = leave things as they are    听任事情自然发展

Leave sb. where he/she is 别挪动他  

There is/ are sth. left. 剩下

23.   let…alone=leave…alone 听任,顺其自然 (let alone…更不用说)

   let…be                    听任,不打扰

let…down               放下,使失望,辜负

let go (of)…              放开,松手,释放

let…in              进来,招致(祸害)


let loose                  释放,放出

Let me see.              让我想想

let…out  放掉(水、气等),发出(声音等),泄露(秘密等),放大(衣服等)

let out the air/a cry of joy

let…do sth.             

24.   live on sth.        为主食,靠生活

live by doing sth./one’s hands             过活

live out                  活过一段时间,住在外面

live through…              度过,经受住

make a living              谋生

earn/ gain one’s living       谋生

25.   look  about/ around/ round (…) 环顾

look round/ around           掉头看,慎重考虑

look  after…             照顾/,目送

look at…          ,考虑,着眼于

look back (to/ upon…) 回顾

look down               往下看,俯视

look down on/ upon… 轻视/看不起

look up to…        尊敬/仰望

look sb. up and down 上下打量

look for…               寻找/期待

look forward to (doing) sth. 盼望

look in on sb.         (顺便)看望

look into…        里看,窥视,调查,研究

look on             旁观

look on/ upon… as… 看作

look oneself        看上去和平常一样

look out            往外看,留神/提防 (for sb./sth.)

look over …        查看,从上面看过去

look through…         仔细查看,浏览; 看穿~one’s trick

look … up               (在参考书/字典中)查寻

look one’s age          (外表)符合某人的年龄

26.   lose one’s life/ lives=get killed 丧生

lose one’s sight= get blind        变瞎

lose one’s way = get lost           迷路

   lose one’s hearing= become deaf   变瞎    

   lose one’s voice                 失声

   lose one’s balance               失去平衡

   lose one’s senses/head            发昏,失去理智

lose one’s temper              发脾气

   lose heart (hope/courage)        失去信心(希望/勇气)(lc.f. ose one’s heart to sb.爱上)

   lose weight                    减肥

   lose interest in                  失去兴趣

lose sight of…                 看不见

lose face                      丢脸

be lost in…        沉湎于

sth. be lost/ missing/ gone 东西丢失/不见了

27.   make a trip/ journey     旅行

make a plan for     制定计划

make a study of       进行研究

make a record of   进行登记/记载

make a face/ faces 做鬼脸

make a fire        生火

make a fool of s b.     愚弄/嘲笑

make fun of…         /嘲笑

make a note/ notes 做笔记

make an appointment with sb. 约会

make friends with…     交朋友

make many enemies 树敌众多

make A from B             BA

make A of B        BA

make A out of B  BA

make B into A             B制成A

make up           组成,编故事,弥补,化装

be made up of…  /构成

make (earn) money              挣钱

make (earn) a living             谋生

make no difference 没有影响/两样make a difference 产生差异

make a mistake/ mistakes /犯错误

make a mistake about… 误解

make one’s way=walk with difficulty

make peace with…     讲和,休战

make preparations for… 做准备

make (good/ no) sense (没)有意义

make sense of…  搞清的意思

make sure +cl.          确定/

make the bed          整理床铺,铺床

make good/full use of     充分/好好利用

make up for…               弥补补会/

make up one’s mind(s) to do sth.决心

make…do sth.          使

make…done        使

make oneself known     作自我介绍

make oneself heard/understood 使自己被听见/

make it             定时间, 成功做到,

make…out        理解,辨认出

make tea/ coffee       沏茶/泡咖啡

make room for        腾出地方

make an apology to sb. for sth. 为某事向某人道歉

make it a rule to do sth.  形成规律做某事

make a promise  许诺

make progress 进步

   make a beeline for…径直走向

28.   by oneself = alone 独自地

for oneself               亲自地,为自己

of oneself         自动地

be oneself                      (人身体/精神)处于正常状态

help oneself to sth. 随便吃/

say to oneself = think to oneself 暗想

talk to oneself             自言自语

tell oneself        告诫自己

murmur to oneself     低声自语

30.out of breath            上气不接下气

 out of sight        看不见(某物)

out of work        失业

out of control 失控

out of danger 脱险

out of order        出毛病了

out of place不适当, 不在原来位置

out of reach        拿不到

out of date        过时

out of temper      发脾气

out of patience     失去耐心

out of the question不可能

out of question 不成问题

out of one’s mind精神不正常

out of mind        心不在焉

out of money       钱花光

out of repair        失修

out of shape        变形

31put sth. aside                     放一边;暂不考虑,储存

put sth. away        收好;储存(备用)

put sth. down               放下,镇压,记下

put forward sth. 提出(意见等)

put…into…        /译成

put sth. into practice    实行,落实

put sth. into effect       使生效,执行

put sth. off               推迟,拖延;脱掉

put sth. on         穿/戴上;上演;增加

put on weight              增加体重--- lose weight

put/take on a new look  呈现新面貌

put sth. back        放回原处,拨回(钟)=set back

put sth. out        扑灭,关熄;生产,出版

put… up           举起,张贴;住宿

put up for the night in spl.在某处过夜

put up with…             忍受,容忍

put forward          提出

29.   pay… back        还款,报答,报复

pay off             付清,还清,带来好结果

pay for…         付款

pay the bill/tax        付帐/纳税

pay a visit to…       访问

30.   run across…          偶然遇见,跑着穿过

run after…        追捕,跟踪,追求

run against         偶然遇见,撞

run at                      冲过去袭击

run away          潜逃,私奔,失去控制

run away with…     潜逃,带私奔

run for…          竞选

run in              顺便探望,跑进来

run into…         偶然遇见人,(使)撞

run into debt        开始负债

(sth.) run out用完 = (sth.) run short

(sb.)run out of sth.      用完

run over…        浏览,(车)碾过

come/go running all the way 一路跑来/

in the long run          从长远的观点看来

in the short run          从短期看来,短期内

the colour runs.(退色) 

31.   set free            释放

set a good example to sb.    树立榜样

set about (doing) sth = set to sth.= set out to do sth.开始/着手做

set/start out / off for spl.= leave for…=head for…动身去某地

set / start out /off on a trip to spl. 踏上去某地的旅途

set sth. off           使爆炸

set fire to the house = set the house on fire放火烧房子

set sail for…        扬帆/起航去某地

be set in…         故事以为背景

set sth. up  建立(含建筑物、人员、设备等),建起(高的建筑物),装配

32.   see  sb. off        送行

see. through sb.           看穿/识破

see sth. through / out        办好某事,把进行到底,使某事顺利通过

see to sth.                负责,注意

see (to it) that…      保证做到,注意做到

33.   send (sb.)for…         派()去请/

send sb. to do sth.     去做

send sb./ sth. doing       使迅速移动

send sb. away from… 撵走

send.. up          发射

send sb. off=see sb. off  送行  

send the letters off     发出,寄走

send sb. away       解雇/逐出 

send out=give out    发出光和热(light&heat)

34.   show sb. in/ out           领某人进来/出去

show sb. around       引领某人参观

show sb. to the door         把某人送到门口

show mercy/ respect to sb. 对某人表示怜悯/尊敬

show sb. sth.= show sth. to sb.

show off (…)               炫耀,卖弄

be on show (=be on display)  在展出

make a show of oneself 出丑,出洋相

35.   start out/ off (for spl.) 启程,出发

start on (a trip…)      开始(旅程等)

start / begin with…     开始---end(up)/close with

to start with        作为开始,首先,第一点

for a start                             首先

36.   take the medicine   喝药

 take the first place(/win the first prize/ come out first )取得第一名

take the pills        服药片

take hold of…         抓住

take part in…         参加

take care of…         照顾

take pride in…         为骄傲

take the place of…        代替

take one’s place 代替,坐某人的座位

take place         发生

take a look/ walk/ ride/ boat/ train/ picture/ bath/ shower/ rest

take it / things easy        别紧张

take one’s temperature 量体温

take note of…= take notice of…注意

take a note/notes 做笔记

take…away        /夺走

take…back        /收回

take …for…        误认为

take…for granted     认为理所当然

take in              吸收,接收,欺骗

take…lying down       甘受(挫败),对俯首屈服

take on             雇佣,呈现(面貌、颜色)~a new look

take…over        接收/

take…down        取下,记下

take off            脱掉,起飞

take…out         /取出

take…up          拿起,占据(时间、注意力),跟着(唱、叫)

take sides with sb. in sth.   站在一边.;在某事上支持某人

take the side of…  站在某人的一边

take… as an example = take… for example 为例

take…along         随身带着

take sth apart        拆开

take after sb.        像某人

take action          采取行动

take pride in=be proud of 引以自豪

take degree in…       取得。。。学位.

take it easy           放宽心, 别着急

take sth.seriously      认真对待

37.   talk about/ of…         谈论

talk to/ with…             交谈

talk back          顶嘴

talk sth. out / through 谈透

talk big             吹牛

talk round         兜圈子谈

talk sb. into / out of (doing) sth. 说服(不)做某事

talk up / out        响亮地说

38.   tear at sth.         /

tear…down        拆建筑物,诋毁名誉

tear sth. out        撕掉

tear sth up               撕碎

tear sth into pieces      撕成碎片

tear oneself away 忍痛舍去

tear sth. open        撕开

move sb. to tears 使感动得流泪

in tears             含着泪,哭着

burst into tears        突然大哭

Tears come to one’s eyes.        泪水涌上眼

Tears come/ run/ roll down one’s face/ cheeks. 泪水从脸上滚落

39.   all the time        一直

at all times        无论何时

at ant time               在任何时候

at this / that time  在这时/那时

   as time goes on                  随着时间的推移

in old/ancient/modern times  在古/现代

at a time                       一次(性地)

at one time        曾经      

in no time = soon 不久

at no time             任何时候都不, 决不

in time              及时,不久

at the same time  同时,然而

ahead of time         提前

3 days ahead of time     提前3

in one’s spare time     在空闲的时候

on time             按时,准时

for a time         暂时,一度

for the time being 暂时,眼下

from time to time  有时,不时地

for the first time        第一次

go with the times 随大流,赶时髦

have a good/ wonderful time过得好

have a hard time  过得不好

gain/ lose time         (钟/表)走得快/

keep good/ bad time   钟表走得

kill time            消磨时间

in time of danger/difficulty/war危险时

every/ each/ last/ next/ the first time +cl.

at the time of the story 在故事发生时候

at times            有时

once upon a time  从前

take one’s time to do sth.   从容做某事

time after time = time and again  反复

It is a waste of time/ money doing sth.   做某事是浪费时间/

It is (high) time that sb. did/ (should) do sth. 该是某人做某事的时候了

It is the first(second) time (that) sb. has done sth.这是某人第一/二次做某事

40.   prefer…to     宁愿而不愿

devote oneself/one’s time/ energy/life to (doing) sth.奉献于,致力于

pay attention to (doing) sth.       注意

look forward to (doing) sth.       希望/盼望

get down to sth.  开始认真做某事

be/ get used to (doing) sth.  习惯于

lead to (doing )sth.       导致

agree to sth.              同意某事

be opposed to (doing) sth.   反对

object to sb./ (doing) sth.    反对

be related to…有关

reply to…答复

see to sth.                     负责某事 

be due to (doing)sth.  由于=because of=owing to=on account of=thanks to

belong to sb..         属于某人

drink to one’s health       的健康干杯

be up to sth.              正在做某事,做某事

to and from              来来往往

to one’s surprise/pleasure/joy/anger/disappointment 使某人吃惊/高兴/生气/失望的是

41.   think aloud = think out loud  自言自语

think about…    考虑 (doing)sth ;回想,想起

think of…              考虑,记得,想起. 想念// ,评价

think much/well/highly/little/nothing /badly/poorly of…认为不错/不怎么样

What do you think of the film?=How do you like the film?

think …over             认真思考,仔细考虑

think of…as…        看作

think …out              (通过思维)设计出

think…up              (口)想出,设计出

think highly/poorly of… 评价高/

think well/ ill of …   认为(不)好

42.   turn around        回转,转向

turn round              旋转

turn a deaf ear to… 根本不听(c.f. turn a blind eye to)

turn writer             成为作家

turn away                     打发走,走开,转过脸

turn against sb.    背叛

turn / hand sth. in     上缴

turn …into…           /译成

turn into=change into…            进入,变成

turn (to the) left/ right 向左/右转

turn…off               关掉

turn…on               开启,变得兴奋

turn on the gas         开煤气,打开话匣子

turn(…)up              开大,出现,露面=show up

turn …down            拒绝,关小

turn …over              打翻,翻身

turn over a new leaf   翻开新的一页,重新开始

turn to sb./sth.…       转向,求助于(=turn to sb for help),转而从事

turn to a dictionary= refer to a dictionary=look up… in the dictionary 查字典

turn… upside down       完全颠倒

turn out (to be) 结果证明是

turn doctor =become a doctor 成为医生

turn …out              制造

take turns to do sth. 轮流做某事

by turns               (两个)轮流,交替

in turn                   依次,轮流,相应地又

take turns to do sth. 轮流做某事

It is sb.’s turn to do sth.轮到某人做某事

 wait (for) one’s turn 等到轮到某人

43.   use up    用完 (=  run out of…)

eat up    吃完

drink up  喝完

divide up 分光 

dry up    干涸,枯竭

dress up   化妆,穿上盛装

stay up= sit up  熬夜

rise up    起义

go up     上涨   (c.f. bring up the price)

grow up   长大

add up    (数字)加起来  (c.f. add up to…总计)

pick up   检起, 收听/,用车来接,廉价买到,零零碎碎地学到,康复

open up  开辟,开创,开拓

blow up  爆炸

What is he to?(干什么)

He isto no good.(没干好事) 

It’s to sb.(to do sth) (做某事)是某人的责任

 up and down 来来往往:sail up and down the river/walk up and down the room

44.   all the way        从远道,一路上,始终

any way           不管怎样,无论如何

by the way        顺便说说,在路旁

by way of…        经由

feel one’s way  摸索着走,谨慎行事

make one’s way 行进,发迹,成功,

push one’s way  挤着前进

fight one’s way  打出道路,奋斗前进

find one’s way  到达,设法到达

find a way out    找(到)出路

in a/ one way  在某种程度上,稍微

in a way+定从    以一种的方式

in a big way        大规模地,彻底地

in a family way  不拘礼节地,怀孕

in a small way  小规模地,俭朴地

in a friendly way  友好地

in this way        以这样的方式

in that way         以那样的方式

in the way+定从 的方式

in the way        挡道,妨碍

in one’s way        挡某人的道,妨碍某人

in no way         决不,一点也不

out of the way  不挡道,不恰当,异常

show sb. the way  /带路/指点

lose one’s way  迷路

under way        前进着,进行中

Where there is a will, there is a way. 有志者事竟成

on the/ one’s way to spl./ to some activity/ to do sth.


on the / one’s way to doing sth.即将做某事

45.   work at sth.         演算,学习、研究(某个科目)work hard at English

work on sth.              致力于,从事

work out sth.               /算出,设计,制定, 结果

work hard at sth.     努力学

be at work              在上班

be out of work              失业,机器有毛病

set to work = set/ go about one’s work着手工作




: 以上还未能详细归纳所有学过的短语和词组,大家还可参看«第二教材»«2005年福建省高考自主命题复习纲要»附录部分 “中学常用词组、短语及句型” P195—210作为弥补。

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