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名词性从句练习          【字体:
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Multiple choice:

1: _____ help if you can, and our country will improve more quickly and better.  A. Giving   B. Give  C. Given   D. To give

2: ---I will take an umbrella with me today.  ---______ it rains later on in the day?

A. How  B. What  C. How about   D. What if

3: Recently I bought an ancient Chinese vase, ____ was very reasonable. 

A. which price  B. the price of which   C. its price   D. the price of that

4; After ten years, she changed a lot and look different from ____ he used to be. 

A. that   B. whom   C. what   D. who

5: _____ is known to everyone, the moon travels round the earth once every month.

A. It    B. As    C. That     D. What

6: He’s got himself into a dangerous situation ______ he is likely to lose control over the plane.  A. Where    B. which    C. while     D. why

7: Information has been put forward _______ more middle school graduates will be

admitted into universities.  A. while    B. that     C. when     D. as

8: What the doctors really doubt is ____my mother will recover from the serious disease soon.  A. when   B. how    C. whether    D. what 

9: ______ air is to man, so is water to fish.  A. since  B. Just    C. Like   D. As

10: There is plenty of rain in the south ______ there is little in the north.  A. while   B. as   C. when  D. so

11: _____several times about it, but he could not give the correct answer. 

A. Being asked  B. Having been asked   C. he would ask   D. He had been asked

12: _____ the days went on, the situation there got worse. 

A. With  B. Since    C. While   D. As

13: _____everybody is here, let’s set out right away. 

A. With   B. Since   C. while   D. As

14: The science of medicine, _____ progress has been very rapid lately, is perhaps the

most important of all the sciences. 

A. to which    B. in which   C. which   D. with which 

15: We must do the experiment carefully________ Miss Liu told us. 

A. what    B. since  C. as   D. while

16: Tony will never forget these days ______ she lived in China with her mother,

_____ has a great effect on her life. 

A. that; which   B. when; which    C. which; that   D. when; that

17: ______ I know, they will go to Beijing to watch the Olympic Games in 2008. 

A. Since    B. so far as    C. In case    D. As if

18: ---What are you anxious about?     ---________.  

A. Whether we can succeed      B. If we succeed  

C. do we succeed              D. That we can succeed

19: You should put the dictionary _____ you can find it easily. 

A. where   B. the place   C. the place on which  D. what 

20: She said to me, “I’ll tell you the result of the test _____ I know it.” 

A. because    B. the moment   C. after  D. though

21: Grandpa used to tell us something about the “Cultural Revolution” _____ he had

time to spare.   A. as   soon as   B. as   C. so that    D. whenever

22: Li Fang is very busy, _____ she’s always helping others with their lessons. 

A. but   B. although  C. so   D. for 

23: Getting a right job can be difficult _____ the students _____ prepared to deal with

the job interview.  A. if; won’t   B. unless; will   C. unless; are     D. if; are

24: Everything depends on _____ they will support you about it. 

A. if  B. which   C. whether   D. that

25: She won the first prize in the speech contest and _____ surprised us. 

A. which  B. it   C. as    D. who

26: The Oscar is one of the film prizes ______ offered to any Chinese actor or actress

so far.  A. which is not   B. that have not been  C. that has not   D. that has not been

27: He made another wonderful discovery, ______ of great important to science.

A. which I think is   B. which I think it is  C. which I think it    D. I think is

28: It’s really very dangerous. One more step, _____ the baby will fall into the well.

A. or   B. so   C. but    D. and

29: She is American, ____ she knows little about American history.  

A. so  B. yet   C. and   D. therefore

30: Information technology is taught in most school, _____ we have entered the

information society.  A. so   B.while  C. still    D for  

31: It was quite a long time _____ I made it out what had happened. 

A. after   B. before   C. when  D. since

32: ____ the text a second time, the meaning will become cleaner to you.  

A. Read   B. Reading  C. if reading   D. When you read

33: ____, so he didn’t come to school last week. 

A. Though he was ill   B. Being ill   C. Having been ill  D. He was ill

34: She tried every way ____she could find to solve the problem.  

A. how  B. in which  C. that  D. which 

35: Lily has some idea___ she’s going to be when she grows up. 

A. what  B. that   C. as   D. which

36: _____ you go, you should bear the motherland in mind. 

A. Where  B. Whenever  C. However  D. Wherever



Multiple Choice:

1: They are teachers and don’t realize _____ to start and run a company.

A. what takes it    B. what they took   C. what it takes   D. what takes them

2: In order to encourage the workers to work hard, the manager decides to award _____ produces the most in the factory.

A. who    B. whom     C. whomever    D. whoever

3: On stepping into the office, the girl was frightened to find that the whole office was fill with _____ looked like tiny worms.

A. that    B. something     C. what      D. anything   

4: _______Tom was worried about seemed clearly to the whole family.

A. That     B. Which      C. That     D. How

5: The teacher usually graded the students on ________they have done.

A. that     B. what     C. which     D. how 

6: We never doubt _____ our school team will win the match against No 3 Mid-school.

A. weather    B. that     C. if      D. what    

7: ______ we can find from the following, the number of students dropping out is going down.

A. what    B. it      C. as      D. what

8: Will you see to _______ you brother is OK at home while we are out on work.

A. this if      B. it that    C. it weather     D. that weather

9: To those scientists, it still remains to be a question ______ man can go back to the old days with time machine.  A.  if      B. that      C. how     D. weather

10: When woken up, he found he was standing on _____ seemed to be a small piece of rock.

A. that     B. what     C. which    D. it

11: In one word, the hours ______ the children spend in their one-way relationship with television people undoubtedly affect their relationships with real-life people.

A. in which    B. when      C. which    D. that

12: ---What about your TEFL test? ----I have answered all the questions, but not sure _____I could get a high enough score. 

A. what    B. if     C. when     D. why 

13: The treatment will continue until the patient reaches the point ______ he can walk correctly and safely.

A. when     B. where     C. which    D. whose.

14: ________the sports meet of our school is held is still not decided. 

A. What    B. Where    C. If      D. That

15: Excuse me, _____ would you like your tea, white or black? ---With milk, please.

A. whether      B when      C. What      D. how  

16: Finally we arrived at _____  used to a battlefield.

A. what     B. where    C. where there   D. it

17: ----It seems that he was succeeded at last in the USA.

  ---But you can never imagine ________

A. what a hard life he has experienced.

B. what he has experienced a hard life

C. he has experienced what a hard life.

D. what a hard life has he experienced

18: There is a common belief among them _____rubbish can and should be put to good use.

A. which     B. if     C. whether   D. that

19: Human beings are different from animals _______they can use language as a tool to communicate.

A. in which    B. in that     C. for that     D. for which 

20: ______ David says sound right to Helen. That’s why he has made up her mind to leave the matter to him ______ happens.

A. Whatever; whatever                 B. No matter what, whatever   

C. No matter what, no matter what      D. Whatever; no matter what

21: __ sometimes keeps her awake all night _____ Tom is getting more and more quiet at home.   A. That; which    B. It; that    C. Whether; what   D. What; that

22: In some countries, ____ called “public schools” are not owned by the public.

A. which    B. as    C. that     D. what

23: ---I rang you at about nine, but there was no reply.

---That was probably _____ I was seeing the doctor.

A. why     B. what    C. that      D. when    

24: Word comes _____ some New Zealand guests will come to visit our school tomorrow.

A. that    B. which     C.   /     D. about which  

25: Dave lost his job and was short of money, so ______his flat and move in with his brother.

A. that he did was to sell      B. what he did sell  

C. what he did sold          D. what he did was to sell

26. The poor young man is ready to accept ___________ help he can get. 

       A. whichever        B. however       C. whatever       D. whenever

27. The old tower must be saved, ______ the cost.

  A. however               B. whatever               C. whichever                    D. wherever

28. Great changes have taken place in that school. It is no longer ______ it was 20 years ago, _______ it was so poorly equipped.

A. what; when        B. that; which         C. what; which       D. which; that

29. Is that the small town you often refer to?

       Right, just the one         you know I used to work for years.

       A. that                 B. which                 C. where                 D. what

30. Frank’s dream was to have his own shop        to produce the workings of his own hands .

       A. that                  B. in which                  C. by which                  D. how


31. I was surprised by her words , which made me recognize        silly mistakes I had made .

       A. what                  B. that                  C. how                  D. which

32. The place _______ the bridge is supposed to be built should be________the cross-river traffic is the heaviest.

A. which; where                         B. at which; which

C. at which; where                      D. which; in which

33. The way he did it was different          we were used to .

       A. in which                 B. in what                  C. from what                  D. from which

34. Do you have any idea ________ is actually going on in the classroom?

       A. that                 B. what                 C. as                 D. which

35. Mary wrote an article on _______ the team had failed to win the game.

     Awhy      Bwhat      Cwho      Dthat

36.  If a shop has chairs________ women can park their men , women will spend more time in the shop.

A. that      B. which C. when       D. where

37.  He tried his best to solve the problem, _______difficult it was.

   A. however        B. no matter        C. whatever        D although

38. The old lady’s hand shook frequently . She explained to her doctor        this shaking had begun half a year before , and        ,only because of this , she had been forced to give up her job .

A. when ; how   B. how ; when   C. how ; how   D. why ; why


名词性从句练习Period one

Key: 1—5: BDBCB   6-10: ABCDA  11—15: DDBBC  16-20: BBAAB 

21—25: DACCB  26—30 : BADBD  31—36: BDDCAD

Period two: 

Key: 1—5: CDCCB   6—10: BCBDB  11—15: DBABD  16—20: AADBA/D

21—25: BDDAD  26—30: ABACB   31—35: ACCBA  36—38: DAC


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